Serene Innovations HD-60J Amplified Phone

  • $109.99

The big-button HD-60J offers High-Definition Sound Technology for unrivaled voice clarity. This phone makes every word vividly sharp and easy to understand, without any distortion, echo, or squealing. The HD-60J offers warnings to alert you that the phone is off the hook.

The phone also features advanced Digital Tone Settings to selectively amplify and enhance the certain speech frequencies that you can't hear well, making words more intelligible and easy to understand.

The HD-60J amplifies the incoming sound up to 600 times louder than a normal phone. This phone is perfect for those with poor vision and/or moderate to severe hearing loss.


  • High-Definition Sound Technology for unmatched clarity, a new standard in amplified telephone technology
  • Amplifies incoming sound up to 600 times (up to 50dB), the most powerful in its class
  • Tone control
  • Digital Sound Processing technology eliminates virtually all distortion, echo effects and unwanted static commonly found in other ordinary amplified phones
  • Boost override
  • Automatic "off-hook" audible and visual warnings to alert improper hang-up, preventing accidental blocking of incoming calls
  • Jumbo keypad makes it easy to see and dial
  • Three (3) one-touch and ten (10) two-touch programmable memory buttons
  • Two (front and side) visual ring flashers
  • 95+dB super loud ringer with adjustable ringing volume and tone controls
  • Battery back up (batteries not included) for power outages
  • 3.5 mm neckloop jack
  • Hearing aid compatible

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