Fanstel ST50 Amplified Speakerphone

  • $91.99

The ST50 is a professional amplified speakerphone that digitally adjusts volume levels so that any user can comfortably and clearly hear a caller's voice, even those working in extremely loud environments. It boasts incoming voice amplification of up to 52dB.

For your convenience, volume amplification settings are automatically saved for later use. The large display allows users to easily read the screen, even from a distance.


  • Up to 52dB amplification
  • High performance loud speakerphone with business-grade speaker
  • Speakerphone amplification up to 77dB SPL at 0.5m (about 20 inches)
  • Frequency-specific volume digital settings 4 levels for frequency-specific hearing loss
  • "Amplify" button
  • Frequency-specific amplification volume settings are automatically saved and can be recalled
  • Tone control
  • 3.5mm neckloop jack
  • Redial memory of up to 32 digits
  • 3 programmable memory buttons
  • 99 name/number directory
  • 99 name/number Caller ID capability
  • Caller ID/Call Waiting ID supported
  • Three programmable one-touch memory buttons
  • Line powered so the phone works even in a power outage
  • Loud 95dB ringer with AC adapter power
  • Bright visual ring flasher
  • Voicemail waiting indicator
  • Hold, Mute, Flash buttons
  • Large 0.95" x 0.7" buttons
  • Backlit 7.4" 3-line LCD display
  • Adjustable display contrast
  • Adjustable display angle for easy viewing
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French
  • Hearing aid compatible

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