Clarity JV-35W Amplified Braille Phone

  • $109.99

The Clarity JV-35W features amplification up to 37dB for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. It also features large, high contrast braille keys and an electronic voice that repeats each number as it is dialed for people with poor vision.


  • Clarity Power technology
  • Amplifies incoming sounds up to 37dB
  • Automatic amplifier control can be set to turn Clarityå¨ Power‰ã¢ on when handset is lifted
  • Talking large, high contrast keys with braille
  • Three one-touch emergency buttons
  • 10 memory dial buttons
  • Adjustable incoming volume control
  • Adjustable incoming tone control (600-2400Hz)
  • Visual ring indicator
  • Extra loud 95+dB ringer
  • Battery backup (4AA not included)
  • Desk/wall mount
  • Hearing aid t-coil compatible

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