Clarity HA40 In-Line Telephone Amplifier

  • $29.99

The Clarity HA40 in-line telephone amplifier increases the volume of any phone up to 40db. The tone selector amplifies specific frequencies for optimum speech clarity, allowing users with hearing loss to easily customize the assistive listening device. This amplifier has a special boost button to maximize amplification while blocking out feedback and background noise. It is compatible with most home and office telephones and is easily connected between handset and phone base. The HA40 uses an included 9V battery, and is a perfect backup amplifier for amplifying a telephone at home, work, or travel.


  • Clarity Power technology
  • Tone control
  • Boost button maximizes amplification while reducing background noise
  • Compatible with most corded home and office phones
  • Will not work with Trimline telephones or phones with a dial pad in the handset
  • Uses 9V battery (included)

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