Return Policy

The Phone Resource warranties and represents that, at the time each item of equipment is delivered, The Phone Resource will be the lawful owner of such equipment, free and clear of and liens and encumbrances (other than those which may arise from this agreement) and will have full rights, power, and authority to sell the equipment to the Buyer. Furthermore, The Phone Resource hereby assigns to Buyer any manufacturers warranty relating to the Equipment, which is assignable. Buyer shall notify The Phone Resource of any dissatisfaction with the equipment within 30 days after the date equipment was purchased. Failure of Buyer to notify The Phone Resource of any dissatisfaction within that period shall constitute acceptance of the Equipment by Buyer. If The Phone Resource is notified of dissatisfaction with the Equipment, The Phone Resource may, at their sole option, accept the return of the Equipment and cancel this order, or repair or replace the defective Equipment at The Phone Resource's option and expense.

The Phone Resource Return Policy

The Phone Resource provides a warranty on each product for 30 days from the date of purchase. After the 30-day period, the manufacturer warranty is in effect and the manufacturer of the products will handle any defects, exchanges, or returns.

How to Return a Product within 30 days

If for some reason you are not satisfied with you purchase or there is a product defect, you must contact The Phone Resource by phone at 888-698-0004 or email at

Return Process for Non-Defective Products

  • Contact a representative by phone or email to explain the reason for the return.
  • If the return falls within 30 days of purchase, a representative will send a Return Authorization number (which expires after 10 days) and instructions for returning the product via email.
  • Please follow all steps indicated on the Return Authorization Instructions. Use all original packaging and send back all contents of the original purchase. Be sure to mail package within the 10-day time frame so the package is not declined upon delivery.
  • A $10 administration fee will be charged on all returns and return shipping charges will not be refunded.
  • All refunds/credits will be issued within 7-10 days of the product's return.
  • Do not ship phones to the P.O. Box listed on the website. Any phones/products shipped to the P.O. box will incur an additional $25 fee.
  • If the product has been delivered in a resale condition, the purchasing credit card will receive any refund due less any admin fees. Items that are received in any other non-resale condition will incur a fee of 25% of the purchase price along with any other admin fees.
  • If a product is returned without a previously issued or expired Return Authorization #, there will be a $25 admin/restocking fee incurred. Products returned/accepted beyond the 30 day return window will be charged a $25 restocking fee along with any other admin fees.

Return Process for Defective Products

  • Contact representative by phone or email to explain defect.
  • The Phone Resource representative will direct the customer to contact the manufacturer Technical Support Center to ensure that product is actually defective.
  • If phone is deemed defective by the manufacturer, The Phone Resource will issue a Return Authorization number and shipping label via email.
  • Manufacturer Contact Information
    • Amplicom: 866-267-5426
    • Clarity/Plantronics: 800-426-3738
    • ClearSounds: 800-965-9043
    • Fanstel: 800-556-0007
    • GeeMarc: 888-864-2446

Items Not Eligible for Return

  • Headset Accessories such as ear cushions, earpieces, voice tubes, clothing clips, etc.
  • Headsets once they have been used, even if only once
  • Accessories such as phone coil cords and line cords, shoulder rests, detanglers, handset cases, etc.
  • Batteries, once package is opened or seal is broken.