Hearing Impaired Phones

Amplified Phone Terminology

When researching which amplified phone is best for you or your loved one you will come across terms that you may not understand. We are here to help with that!Two of the most common terms you will see are “DECT 6.0” and “TIA-1083 compliant”.“DECT CT 6.0” refers to a new frequency that virtually eliminates all interference between your phone and other electronic devices in the home. It allows other handsets to be easily connected to the system and allows you to make internal calls to the other handsets in the home. The battery life for DECT phones tends to last...

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Untreated Hearing Impairments Severely Impact Seniors' Quality of Life

The AARP recently released a study in which 5,500 participants over the age of 65 were surveyed about the mental and physical impact of hearing loss. Here is what they found: “Hearing impairment can affect mental and physical quality of life to a greater degree than hypertension, osteoporosis or even stroke.” --Dr. Richard Migliori “Given the significant burden hearing loss has on quality of life, we believe this study highlights an opportunity for physicians to develop treatment programs that enhance not only older adults’ hearing, but also their mental and emotional health.” “Older adults should talk with their doctors about their...

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Common Concerns from Seniors Buying an Amplified Phone

We often get calls from seniors who have had their current phone for 20 years or so, but now need an amplified phone due to hearing loss. Often, they are scared to embrace new technology that is unfamiliar. The Phone Resource understands that concern and we specialize in individual, one-on-one service so you are more confident than ever with your amplified phone decision. When searching on the internet, the options seem endless. So how do you figure out what will work best for you?First, let’s consider a few facts about the phones that are available. All of the phones we offer...

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